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I give less than two f*cks about your asterisks!

I am offended. I am offended that somehow, our history got lost and the women who were techheads and trans, who were also putting themselves out there, trying to include people of all gender variance, and used a * at the end of “trans” to signify inclusion, are somehow now being told how to identify or what to do. That they are being offensive to other trans people, that they somehow are “offensive to themselves” and traitors to the cause…

That cis-allies are called “cishetscum” when they use the term as allies thinking – because other trans people told them so, that it was correct.

I am even more offended that we’re even arguing about it.

What the f*ck people…. seriously?

People are out there being killed, beaten, losing jobs, not being hired, and losing their kids because of their gender variance.

I have been beaten, raped, brainwashed, and then later lost jobs and lost my kid, because of gender variance…

And we’re arguing about an asterisk? Its gotten to the point one side is so nasty about it that its dividing the community even more than some damn asterisk ever could?

So I am offended, yes, and I couldn’t give two f*cks about your asterisk.

(maybe you all arguing against it should learn a little history of your community, we like to go on about stonewall, but the generation between did some AMAZING things to build the internet you’re bullying them over now…)


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