Is “Policy” an excuse for Negligence?

The last few days, we’ve been hearing about a raid in GA, US that happened where a baby got hurt by a flashbang grenade.
I have a few friends in the military who have been appalled by the fact this even happened to begin with, that police here in the United States have justified the War on Drugs so much that they aren’t even responsible to the same rules of engagement soldiers are.

In a world where governments regularly place surveillance on people that they don’t even suspect of actual wrongdoing, can you tell me that this SWAT/SRT team could not get intelligence letting them know there was a child present? That they went through the trouble to get a “no-knock” warrant, but couldn’t get a surveillance warrant to make sure that the person and items they were looking for were even on the premises?

Special Skills If a person engages in an activity requiring special skills, education, training, or experience, such as piloting an airplane, the standard by which his conduct is measured is the conduct of a reasonably skilled, competent, and experienced person who is a qualified member of the group authorized to engage in that activity. In other words, the hypothetical reasonable person is a skilled, competent, and experienced person who engages in the same activity. Often persons practicing these special skills must be licensed, such as physicians, lawyers, architects, barbers, pilots, and drivers. Anyone who performs these special skills, whether qualified or not, is held to the standards of conduct of those properly qualified to do so, because the public relies on the special expertise of those who engage in such activities. Thus, an unlicensed driver who takes his friends for a joyride is held to the standard of conduct of an experienced, licensed driver.”

I posit, since the activity is the same as the military, and requires training as such, that police forces should be held to the reasonable responsibility of getting an up to date situation report (sit-rep)

Just because policy allows something doesn’t mean its legal, or even rules out criminal negligence.

And that this Police Chief should not recognize that at all, and blame his negligence on the person who the warrant was for, is preposterous.  The buck should stop at the Police Chief or Mayor who enacted these policies, because clearly, military style force with no restraint against our citizens is precisely one of those issues that the US was founded over.

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