Maybe we do need to be angry.

I tried to be understanding, take into account both sides, but even doing that I have been called a whiner, been told that my arguments are not valid because RuPaul’s been saying the word “tranny” on TV for 6 years, where were we then?, and essentially Cisgender people thinking they have the right to weigh in on what WE should find offensive.

And now I am angry. if I called RuPaul a *fa**ot”  – I would have this blog banned from wordpress, if I was to call him “ni**er”, I would be banned. That’s what those words are to a very specific part of the population, slurs. And just because a majority or someone with privilege may think its ok to call me a tranny, and cisgender men who happen to wear pink hats are claiming “#trannypride”  on Facebook, and telling me *I* need to be ok with being referred to as a ” tranny” – and Justin Bond tells me if I don’t “Pass” then I have to embrace the word (Funny coming from a thin, tall very attractive transgender person), it doesn;t mean its ok to use those words. It’s not. Self ID how you wish but please don’t force your identification on me or especially ask me to use a word in self identification that I am offended by. That’s like asking every black person to self-ID as “ni**er” – and I am sure every person who has a heart would think that was offensive.

I want to keep coming from a place of reconciliation and peace, but its hard. Its hard when coming from that place earns me the same threats, condescension, prejudice, transmisogyny, etc. that comes at the angry trans people, comes at me for a reconciliatory point of view that tries to bridge the gap.

RuPaul, we’re David, and you’re Goliath, and just like in every Civil Rights movement from time immemorial… we will put that rock right between your eye, if it hasn’t landed already and you haven’t even noticed.


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